Crews fought multiple fires in west Kentucky Friday amid red flag warning, burn bans

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Fires broke out in multiple locations throughout the Local 6 area Friday afternoon. McCracken, Graves and Livingston counties each had field fires, and a large fire also broke out in Princeton. This, amid a statewide burn ban from the hours of 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the fire hazard season and local, round the clock burn bans remain in place in many local counties.

A fire broke out off of Wice Church Road just after 1 p.m. Friday. Hendron Fire Chief Doug Cooper said it was likely started from a side-by-side leaking fuel into the field and then sparking.

"Just to that woods line back there," Cooper said as he showed us the affected area. "It advanced a little bit into the woods line, but not very far. And luckily it didn't catch the microwave tower building on fire."

Then, after 4 p.m., another fire broke out in Livingston County.

It took seven different agencies to help put out the flames.

Firefighters on scene said it burned about 50 to 70 acres of land and was likely started accidentally. There were no injuries from either the Livingston or McCracken fires, but it's still proof of what a small spark can do when conditions remain this dry.

"If there was a house or garage or something sitting right here, the fire don't care. It'll burn whatever's in it's path. Like I said, with the winds blowing like they're blowing, it just takes off," Cooper said.

Even with the fires being accidental, they can still quickly get out of control.

Cooper said the overarching message is simple: do not burn.

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